02. Thin Repairs & Resurfacing

1. Universal 1023 (Horizontal Repairs & Resurfacing)

Universal 1023 is a cement-based, durable, multi-purpose, polymer-modified, high-strength and water resistant patching, repair and resurfacing material which may be applied from a feather-edge up to 6" thick for horizontal applications.

2. Feather-Edge

A fast-setting (20 minutes), cement-based, polymer-modified compound used to smooth interior surfaces (from 1/4” down to a true feather-edge) prior to the installation of a variety of floor coverings such as ceramic tile, VCT, sheet vinyl and carpeting.

3. Self-Leveler 4000

A cement-based, polymer-modified, self-leveling, resurfacing compound that can be poured or pumped over a variety of uneven, properly prepared surfaces from a featheredge up to two inches in a single pour.